Different Epic KIT

Different Epic KIT

This is powerful and motivational cinematic track. Big arrangement make this track perfect for video games, trailers, motivational videos, movie, teasers, openers, endings, discovery video, travel projects, sports event, YouTube videos and etc.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used strings, piano, choir, brass, orchestral drums and percussion, lot of toms, synth and FX.

01_Intro (0:08) Intro, main movement based

02_IntroExtended (0:08) Intro, main movement based, toms added

03_Theme (0:16) Main strings movement

04_Theme_Choir_Brass (0:16) Main strings movement, choir and brass added

05_Bridge (0:08) Bridge, without main strings, synth pad added

06_BridgeExtended (0:08) Bridge, without main strings, synth pad added, snare added

07_LongBreak (0:02) Long FX break

08_Theme_SynthPad (0:16) Main strings movement, synth pad added

09_Theme_Choir_Brass_Snares (0:16) Main strings movement, choir, brass, snare added

10_Full (0:16) Main strings movement, full orchestra

11_Outro (0:16) Outro, main movement based, lite arrangement

12_EndTone (0:06) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 2:16

Demo02_Short – 1:22