Dark Underscore

Dark Underscore

Dark Underscore by Cinematic Score


Dark Underscore
This score is a dark underscore with heavy suspense and tension. A simple distant drum fades in and out over a deep wind and dark atmosphere. Dark piano melodies play softly along with quiet strings. This score is great for building heavy tension and suspense. This track is ideal for setting a gloomy, tense, foreboding and emotional mood.

Recommended use
Dark Underscore sounds good in horror movies, horror tv shows, scary movies, scary tv shows, mystery shows and gripping television. Dark Underscore also sounds good in horror video games, horror anime, scary animation, tension scenes, and scary moments in film. Other great ideas for Dark Underscore include dramatic television, dramatic animation, dramatic movies, and dramatic documentaries.

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Dark Underscore (2:02)

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Dark Underscore (2:02)

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Instruments Used
The main instruments used in Dark Underscore are orchestral strings, grand piano, dark atmosphere, tension atmosphere, and brooding atmosphere, distant drums. Other instruments include horror fx, scary strings, terror fx, ominous atmosphere, and suspense atmosphere.

The Sound
Dark Underscore works great if you need suspense music, suspense cues, dark music, dark cues, and tension cues. Dark Underscore also works well if you’re looking for gripping atmospheric tension, dark suspense, atmospheric fear, horror background music, or mysterious background music.

Similar Composers
Dark Underscore is similar to the works of composers like Bear McCreary, Hans Zimmer, Macro Beltrami, Joseph Bishara, and Benjamin Wallfisch. Dark Underscore also lies within the same style as composers such as Cliff Martinez, Robin Coudert, Mamoru Samuragochi, Danny Elfman, and Gustaf Grefberg.

Musical Style
This cinematic score is in the style of video games like Deadspace, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Doom. This cinematic score also resembles the musical style of tv shows such as Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, X Files, Supernatural, Stranger Things, True Blood, and Hannibal. Dark Underscore also has similar musical styles to movies like The Purge, 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Exorcist, and World War Z.


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Composed by Jabari Alii
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