Horror Mistery Movie Opening Kit

Horror Mistery Movie Opening Kit

Intense cinematic music featuring piano, orchestra, epic and industrial percussion with hybryd synths. Suitable as thriller trailer music, hybryd trailer music, noir trailer music, noir opening, noir opener, noir intro, mystic trailer music, mystic opening, mystic opener, mystic intro, action opening, action opener, action intro, thriller opening, thriller opener, thriller intro, tv series trailer music, tv series opening, tv series opener, tv series intro, tension opening, tension opener, tension intro, intense opening, intense opener, intense intro, tension trailer music, heroic trailer music, action trailer music, Detective story, criminal story, criminal investigation, detective investigation. epic trailer music, cinematic opening, cinematic opener, cinematic intro, dramatic opening, dramatic opener, dramatic intro, cinematic trailer music, dramatic trailer music and teaser for all this genres.


  • This kit is based on this music: Dark

Demo tracks:

  • 1:39
  • 0:37
  • 0:49


  • 01_Start_Fx
  • 02_Verse1_Part1
  • 03_Verse1_Part2
  • 04_Chorus1_WithoutDrums
  • 05_Chorus1_WithtDrums
  • 06_Verse2_Part1
  • 07_Verse2_Part2
  • 08_TransitionToChorus2
  • 09_TransitionToChorus2_LightVersion
  • 10_Chorus2
  • 11_Chorus2_LightVersion
  • 12_Ending1
  • 13_Ending2_AfterChorus2
  • 14_Ending2_AfterChorus2_LightVersion