Crazy Linton Kit

Crazy Linton Kit

This is a slow, suggestive track with a hard sawtooth bass and a lot of synths in a piece of music with one foot in the 80:s and the other in present time. The music will work equally fine as background music as well as in a project were it needs to stand for itself. With the Music Kits Format you can create whatever form you like of the song, but three different unwatermarked versions (the ones you here in the preview) are included in the pack.

Here is a link to the plain track:

This pack comes with the following files:

01_Intro1_Long (0:12) The entire intro uncut

02_Intro2_Short (0:06) The second half of the intro

03_Intro3_ShortWithAlteredFilter (0:06) Starts with an open filter that closes at the end

04_Verse1_FirstPart (0:12) First part of the verse

05_Verse2_FirstPartWithAlteredFilter (0:12) First part of the verse with a high cut filter on the bass

06_Verse3_SecondPart (0:12) Second part of the verse, ending with swells

07_Verse4_SecondPartAlteredFilter (0:12) Second part of the verse with a filter on the bass. Ends with swells.

08_Chorus1_FirstPart (0:12) First part of the chorus

09_Chorus2_SecondPart (0:12) Second part of the chorus

10_Chorus3_FirstPartBiggerSound (0:12) First part of the chorus with some saw synths added

11_Chorus4_SecondPartBiggerSound (0:12) Second part of the chorus with some saw synths added

12_Break1_First Part (0:12) First part of the break

13_Break2_SecondPart (0:12) More intensity in the drums. Builds towards the chorus.

14_EndingHit (0:03) Ending Hit

15_CrazyLinton_LongVersion (2:41) The first variation in the preview

16_CrazyLinton_MediumVersion (1:31) The second variation in the preview

17_CrazyLinton_ShortVersion (0:50) The third variation in the preview