Corporate Uplifting Pack

Corporate Uplifting Pack

Corporate Uplifting Pack is a collection of three motivational, inspirational, energetic, upbeat and uplifting piece will also work with a wide variety of projects needing that extra dose of excitement. This package that brings to mind images of success, productivity, sales, and innovative business solutions.

Corporate Uplifting Pack is a perfect choice for any project that requires commercial inspirational and motivational background music tracks. Your audience will love it because this track had written to inspiring and motivate!) For you, this track will be easy to cut and easy to montage – comfortable music for your work!

This package can be useful for any scientific or research, space or travel, any media project, documentary, advertising, presentation, tutorial, motivational video, time lapse, life, TV jingle and spot, history, education, corporate/business presentation, YouTube and Vimeo video, commercial video, motivational and inspirational project, inspire/motivate video, film and any project that requires background music.

1.Corporate Uplifting (3 Versions)

Corporate Uplifting is an inspiring, motivational, enthusiastic, energetic and uplifting piece will also work with a wide variety of projects needing that extra dose of excitement. It is a perfect choice for any project that requires an uplifting and inspiration music track to greatly enhance it’s imagery. With it’s inspirational muted guitar exciting background electric guitar and catchy strings melody Corporate Uplifting evolves over time with some highs and lows so make sure you listen all the way through for a good perspective on how the track can work for your needs.

Included 3 versions:
Full Version (length 2:20)
Middle Version (length 1:56)
60s Version (length 1:00)

2.Uplifting Corporate (4 Versions)

Uplifting Corporate is energetic, clean, uplifting and inspirational track with electric guitars, piano and airy pads. It is a highly versatile track that fits many different kinds of projects. Whether you are making corporate presentations, YouTube videos, advertisements, tutorials, slideshows, openers, or any other kind of inspirational project, even if it is Film or TV, just use it and it will work! Your audience will love it because it was engineered to sound very natural and relaxing so it pleases everybody’s ears!

Included 4 Versions:
Full Version (length 2:12)
Middle Version (length 1:36)
60s Version (length 1:00)
35s Version (length 0:35)

3.Uplifting Corporate Motivational (4 Versions)

Uplifting Corporate Motivational is a soft, beautiful and clean inspiring corporate styled music track with a inspirational corporate sound, corporate motivational vibes and steady confident rhythm and inspiring corporate atmosphere that will help you to make your corporate or other project really stand out and inspire! Starting with a simple and memorable guitar harmonic melody, this full-length track progresses to reach inspiring conclusion with anthem-style percussion.

Included 4 Versions different length:
Full Version (length 2:25)
Middle Version (length 1:52)
Short Version (length 0:54)
Full Version (without break) (length 2:06)

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