Corporate Fashion Logo Pack

Corporate Fashion Logo Pack

Logo pack for your projects..

Perfect for advertising, corporate presentations, blog, games, youtube, tutorial videos, innovative videos, radio, TV, web, slideshow and more!

Download the preview and check it out!

Package contains 10 high quality WAV files:

1. Fashion Logo (120 BPM)(0:08);

2. Fashion Logo (120 BPM)(0:16);

3. Positive Corporate Intro (110 BPM)(00:21);

4. Positive Corporate Outro (110 BPM)(0:07);

5. Lounge Logo (105 BPM)(00:13);

6. Lounge Logo (105 BPM)(00:20);

7. Corporate Intro (110 BPM)(00:11);

8. Corporate Intro (110 BPM)(00:09);

9. Fashion Ident (120 BPM)(0:08);

10. Fashion Ident (120 BPM)(0:13);

More versions below:

Fashion Logo (5 versions);

Positive Corporate Ident (5 versions);

Lounge Logo (5 versions);

Corporate Intro Logo (4 versions);

Fashion Ident (5 versions);

Good luck with your projects!

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