Clean Hip-Hop for Youtube Background

Clean Hip-Hop for Youtube Background


Inspiring hip-hop is an energizing, inspiring, and motivational background song that is perfect for an inspiring and hardcore mood. Starting right off the bat, this song gets right to it with a harmonious chorus pickup followed by a hard-hitting bass kick. This rap track that will enhance any scene, movie, or short video. The hype atmosphere this song creates will work great for any project, specifically sports clips/highlights, club scenes, and background music for any dynamic scene. This background hip hop music is great for Youtube. This track also has no content ID, so you can use it any way you see fit as long as you license it through our website and provide song credit within your video or description.

Whether you’re trying to have an uplifting or inspiring mood, this song works for exercise/workout routines, YouTube videos, montages, slideshows, openers, movie trailers, projects, corporate presentations, video games, and apps. This track works as a perfect substitute for Eminem, Chance the Rapper, Drake, and many other hip hop/urban artists. If you need believe music with a hardcore vibe, look no further.

This is a great song for business presentations, PowerPoints, and personal projects that need great hip hop background music.

**The song is called, “The Game’s Mine” off Dark Chocolate’s “Post Traumatic Success” album.

Main File WAV & MP3- 2:51

Instrumental File WAV & MP3- 2:51

15 Second Clip WAV & MP3- 0:15

30 Second Clip WAV & MP3- 0:30

60 Second Clip WAV & MP3- 1:00


Motivated by the gooood times.

Anchor on my back while Iiii climb.

Every single way that Iiii tried.

Went all in told myself whyyyy not.

Suddenly I hit the jaaackpot.

And I’m every hata’s maaaascot.

Tell em best not to waste theeey time.

Never lose because the gaaame’s mine.

Easter egg hunts when mom and Daddy had nothin, they worried bout rent but kept the kids shielded from it, think that made me a better man when I finally learned of it, I promised my whole family I’d turn this rap into something.

Worked two jobs to get in the studio just to repeat lyrics, right before I spit praying the right person would hear it, not everyone respects listening to a dose of truth serum, rather sign pushas and killas to multi mill dollar deals, but they won’t get anything better cuz my hopin and wishing, is what motivated me three months straight while my eye started to twitchin, without the fam and the friends who held me down since beginning, I wouldn’t be where I am still be out counting them pennies.


People asked why you out here tryna rap? Gon and give that stupid dream a rest. Til they see that Maro black on black, and these 5 fig film royalty checks.

Delayed gratification I suppose it was worth it. Specially dropping stacks on a studio purchase.

Cuz we came from windows that didn’t have curtains.

FF one year’s pay for these feature verses.

When I bought my momma the surface, was only scratching the surface.

These days she slither her Porsche through rush hour traffic like a medieval serpent.

I ain’t been to church, since realizing the pastor used tithe for new merch.

I do right by me and my fam and put God up there first.

He the one who helped me back up at my worst.

And as a young black man…the world is out to get you.

Best believed I busted my tail cuz that’s the only way to get through,

The poverty stricken future the elites worked hard to put you.

That’s the reason for the season of heatin these instrumentals.



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