Classical Pack

Classical Pack

Classical Pack

Classical Pack

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Classical Pack

Classical Pack is great collection of inspiring classic items. Classical Pack is perfect for any type of media: commercial videos, advertising, presentations, slideshows, photo and video editing movies, tv, shows, media productions, broadcast and youtube videos, films, AE templates, videohive, voice overs, interview and any other.

Classical Pack include:

  • 3 main tracks
  • 6 bonus versions!
  • 7 minutes of beautiful classical music
  • more than 7 minutes of bonus versions!

Classical Pack tracklist:

Classic (2 versions)

  • Classic, 2:17
  • Classic, 1:31

Orchestra (3 versions)

  • Orchestra, 2:17
  • Orchestra, 1:45
  • Orchestra, 0:38

Uplifting Classic (4 versions)

  • Uplifting Classic, 2:21
  • Uplifting Classic, 1:15
  • Uplifting Classic, 0:39
  • Uplifting Classic, 1:30
All additional tracks that included to Classical Pack versions you can listen at items page preview..
Why it’s cool to purchase Classical Pack?
  • 50 % Off
  • 3 music tracks
  • 6 additional bonus versions
  • you can purchase music standart license

Classical Pack

Classical Pack wav+mp3

More classical music:

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