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Heard in a video of a famous french comedian ;)

Hey Alba!

Thanks for the sharp ears, and for letting me know! —Joel

Outstanding work!! :)

Thank you very much!

Nice piece! It wouldn’t hurt if there was a bit of pitch correction on the whistle. Most people won’t pick it up but I hear sharp and flats by about +/-40 cents. Purchased!

Whoops – I meant to write my last comment as a reply. Anyway, thanks for the purchase, and let me know if you’re interested in a pitch corrected version.

Hey NutsnBerriez!

Thanks for the purchase! You’re not wrong :) I recorded this song pretty early on, and if I recorded it today I would certainly have corrected for the pitch. But… it is by far and away my best selling song, and so I have left it as is. Who knows – maybe it’s the informal feel of it that connects with people the way it has?

That said, drop me a line if you would like a version that has been run through a pitch correction algorithm.

Thanks! —Joel

Perfect for my YouTube videos I think fun and happy :) Thanks :)

Thank you very much!

All of genius things are simple!:):):) COOL!

Hee hee – yeah, I wish every song could be as simple as this one :).

Great Stuff !!

Thank you!

Very Nice!!! http://videohive.net/item/vintage-mega-pack-episode-1-/6446707 I have used in my animation!! Thank you!!

Thanks! I will get a link up shortly to your project!

Hi jhunger,

I just need the part 0:00 / 0:10 seconds of the song. You can sell that part of the song I need extended license? What would be the price?

Happy holidays.

Hey Zeock, I sent you a follow up email. Thanks!

Hi! Is there a version without the whistle?

Yes, I do have a version without the whistle – drop me a line through my profile page and we can work something out. Thanks!

The melody and sounds used in this track are hard to forget:) Very nice work!

Thank you!

Heard in a credit card ad on BT Sport yesterday. Congrats mate, great tune :)

Sweet! Thanks for letting me know :)

Pssst.. Used here! Thank you very much! https://youtu.be/6Xgn8zobCjo

Sweet! Thank you very much! Looks like a cool product :)

Sounds Good! :)


Julian- Purchased

Thank you for this! Nice work!

You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment, and for buying my song!