Cinematic Risers Pack

Cinematic Risers Pack

This super pack contains seven cinematic risers specially designed for movie or video games applications.

1. Chi Kung (1 Version):
Hybrid drums with samurai chants and a final high energy riser.
Chi Kung – 0:53

2. Confrontation (1 Version):
Hybrid symphonic orchestra with war drums, ready for the confrontation.
Confrontation – 1:00

3. Do Not Fear The Evil (1 Version):
Epic riser with mystery strings, synth bass and big horns.
Do Not Fear The Evil – 1:10

4. Jaguar Attack (1 Version):
Suspensive percussions with hits, ending with a classic strings riser.
Jaguar Attack – 0:41

5. Lord of Host (1 Version):
Industrial drums in a slow tempo with mega horns and suspended final rise.
Lord of Host – 1:00

6. Snake Attack (3 Versions):
Continuous strings riser with hell drums and sound design.
Snake Attack – 0:30
Snake Attack no Drums – 0:30
Snake Attack Drums – 0:30

7. The Uninvited (1 Version):
Mega horns with infernal drums and high energy final rise.
The Uninvited – 0:30

Available in WAV & MP3 formats.