Cinematic Pack

Cinematic Pack

Cinematic Adventure Music Pack is a bundle of orchestral movie trailer tracks with 50% discount. These tracks can be used for movie and computer game trailers as well as for high action scene backgrounds in movies. Also, it’s a great solution for movie teasers, game background music, film score, orchestral soundtrack or as a supporting underscore arrangement. For these tracks i tried to create the atmosphere of dark epic sound, that you can hear in movie trailers. Track brings you a feeling of dramatic tension, adrenaline, and deep drastic emotions and it’s orchestral arrangement inspires your client and keeps him in suspense through the whole time of composition. I used a lot of different types of percussion for tracksincluded in this pack. Percussion was composed with many types of orchestral modern and classical instruments. Timpani, dhol and taiko drums provide huge massive low end for battle drums and in combination with hybrid synths and futuristic sound effects it’s a great solution to convey the atmosphere of heroic adventures and the spirit of intensive dramatic battle. I hope, my music will fit your video projects.

Tracks used:

1. Eternity (4 versions) – 1:54
01. Eternity (main track, 1:54)
02. Eternity (15 sec edit, 0:15)
03. Eternity (30 sec edit, 0:30)
04. Eternity (60 sec edit, 0:60)

2. The Last Kingdom (4 versions) – 2:17
01. The Last Kingdom (main track, 2:17)
02. The Last Kingdom (15 sec edit, 0:15)
03. The Last Kingdom (30 sec edit, 0:30)
04. The Last Kingdom (60 sec edit, 1:00)

3. New Horizons (4 versions) – 2:43
01. New Horizons (main track, 2:43)
02. New Horizons (15 sec edit, 0:15)
03. New Horizons (30 sec edit, 0:30)
04. New Horizons (60 sec edit, 1:00)

12 tracks in total!!!