Cinematic Heroic Kit

Cinematic Heroic Kit

Emotional and heroic epic music kit with horns, string orchestra and epic drums. High-quality music from Audiojungle by StudioKolomna.

Cinematic music with low and epic brass, orchestral strings staccato and spiccato, symphonic choirs and powerful drums. Suitable for video production, you tube, advertise and presentation, apps, gameplay and video game review. Also is perfect for extreme and tension moments, as well as drone or GoPro video. Can be useful for sport and motivational visual row from victory and achievements to dramatic and nostalgic moments.

Bring hope and inspiring. Good for any movie, featurette, motivation and patriotic films. Perfect for scoring, beautiful, energetic and emotional videos, historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games, sport visuals, extreme and GoPro video, titles, titres and many other projects! You will find the best use for it with inspirational, powerful film/movie/trailers media video projects, uplifting and dramatic, motivational product advertisements, commercials, presentations, slideshows, YouTube videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, featurettes, photography background, viral marketing, beautiful life and travel videos, game reviews and videos, TV and radio media production and any other types. This music is solemn and triumphant, brave and heroic, good for dramatic ending, powerful, intense moments.

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:

  • Demo Track 01 2:19
  • Demo Track 02 1:04
  • Demo Track 03 1:23
List of tracks that included of this kit:
  • 01_Intro_Fill – 0:02
  • 02_Intro – 0:17
  • 03_Buildup – 0:17
  • 04_Fill_1 – 0:02
  • 05_Main_Part_1 – 0:17
  • 06_Main_Part_2 – 0:17
  • 07_Fill_2 – 0:02
  • 08_Main_Part_3 – 0:17
  • 09_Main_Part_4 – 0:17
  • 10_Fill_3 – 0:02
  • 11_Outro – 0:17
  • 12_Fill_4 – 0:02
  • 13_End – 0:08
All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails

This is original track

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