Cinematic Epic And Sci Fi Pack

Cinematic Epic And Sci Fi Pack

Futuristic Cosmic Science Fiction – 2:04

This composition was created as hybrid futuristic music for sci – fi videos, future videos, documentary videos, ufo videos. It is mysterious, atmospheric. Played by an orchestra and synthetic instruments to create futuristic vibe, space, cosmic feelings. Also will be good as soundtrack background for video game review. Also, it creates feelings of glory, pride majestic.

Epic Cinematic Challenge – 2:10

Powerful and triumphant cinematic music background. It Creates a dramatic and epic feel.

Drums are strong, evokes braveness and courage, strings are emotional, passionate and inspirational, horns (brasses) create triumphant mood, set on glory, the confident piano is serious and great.

The instrumental about a challenge, about valiant warriors, fearless legendary heroes, honor, noble.

Perfect as a background for a film, an adventure, heroic video, trailer for a movie, teaser.

Tempo: 85 BPM
Duration: 2:10
Format: Wav

Epic Inspiring And Heroic Cinematic – 2:09

What is it: An orchestral background music.

Style: An epic and adventure cinematic.

Instruments: Brass, strings, wood, drums, SFX, piano.

Mood: It creates an inspiring and motivational mood, encouraging feel. The legato strings are very emotional – give hope, staccato strings are optimistic.

State: The composition brings the patriotic and heroic state, Ignites a pride, honor and braveness.

Charachter: Has strong powerful sounding, it is big and great.

Usage: Film, movie background, dramatic Hollywood trailer, teaser, advertisement and commercial.

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