Cinematic Dramatic Interstellar Kit

Cinematic Dramatic Interstellar Kit

Cinematic Dramatic Interstellar Kit – classic organ atmospheric soundtrack for your video project. Main genre: cinematic organ music, classical organ suspense and cathedral soundtarck. Сreate instruments for classical organ, orchestral piano, cinematic strings, church organ, chamber organ and pipe symphonic organ. Perfect for slow motion cinematic video, cinematic animation, dramatic scenes and documentary film a scientific. Сathedral organ – perfect instrument for historical films, renaissance, art and culture. This canonical traditional music mixed with modern cinematic sound future scientific innovation. It has divine sound great discoveries, ancient secrets and secret knowledge of their ancestors.It’s a sad and emotional mechanical organ music that inspires and elevates the listener. It is a feeling of great harmony of the universe and intergalactic space.

Original Track:
Cinematic Dramatic Interstellar

List of tracks that included in this kit:

  • 01_Intro (0:15)
  • 02_Intro2 (0:15)
  • 03_Verse (0:15)
  • 04_Main1 (0:15)
  • 05_Main1_NoPiano (0:15)
  • 06_Main2 (0:15)
  • 07_Main2_NoPiano (0:15)
  • 08_Main3 (0:15)
  • 09_Main4 (0:15)
  • 10_Outro (0:15)
  • 11_End (0:05)

    This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:
  • Demo_01 (2:13)
  • Demo_02 (1:25)
  • Demo_03 (1:09)

    All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails
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