Cinematic Comedy

Cinematic Comedy

Cinematic Comedy is the typical funny and sneaky music background we listen to in reality shows and tv series; it features pizzicato strings, marimba and light percussion.

Track Features

Cinematic Comedy is perfect for a subtle background use in black humor dramas, a reality tv episode, a prank, a video game, a tutorial, and every scene with a humorous and funny situation.

Main instruments are pizzicato strings, marimba, glockenspiel and some light, groovy percussion.

Cinematic Comedy is the classic cinematic comedy background music you can hear under a conversation where something funny is going on between the characters.

Tailored for Games and Tv Commercials

Thanks to its cheerful and unobtrusive arrangement it works great in advertising and in video games, that’s why I’ve included many useful edits tailored for commercials lengths as well as a seamlessly looping version for game developers:

Cinematic Comedy 30 Seconds Version (0:30)
Cinematic Comedy Full Version (1:30)
Cinematic Comedy 60 Seconds Version (1:00)
Cinematic Comedy Loop Version (0:37)

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