Chillout Kit

Chillout Kit

This Kit is based on my original track “THE CHILL” It is a spatial, sophisticated, soothing, space, high quality, with a beautiful airy melody Ambient Chillout track for your gentle, inspiring, uplifting, balanced, charismatic, dreamy, luxury, expensive, presentations. The roller will fit parasitically to any serious advertising. Whether it is mineral water compared to the pool or an expensive car speeding on a lonely highway. It is also possible to use for the background for the credits, corporate, advertising, document management and presentations.

I used the magic pads, specially designed for this track plucks, ambient piano, unique live drums, electronic sounds, percussion, electric guitar and African marimba. Overview of computers, gadgets, phones, and Internet technologies. Ideal for videohive!

Included Demos:

  • Demo 1 (2:31) – Original mix. Order of sections: 1,2,3,,5,6,7,8,9,10
  • Demo 2 (3:12) – order of sections: 1,2,2,,3,3,4,5, 6,7,7,8,9,10
  • Demo 3 (0:27) – order of sections: 1,6
  • Included Song Sections:

    • 1_Intro1 – 00:10
    • 2_intro2– 0:10
    • 3_verse1_1 – 0:20
    • 4_chorus1– 0:20
    • 5_brakedown1– 0:10
    • 6_brakedown2 – 0:10
    • 7_verse2– 0:20
    • 8_chorus2_2 – 0:20
    • 9_chorus2_3 – 0:20
    • 10_end – 0:10

    All Song Sections include 2 audio files: one with tail and one without tail. All files in music kit (including demos) are high quality WAV (44,1 kHz / 16-bit).