Calm Corporate Background

Calm Corporate Background

Soft corporate composition which will work beautifully as a background without interrupting voice over or distracting viewer, it simply does its function – makes the whole project feel better, feel great…
Instruments used are: Sound designed keyboard-ish instrument, electric guitars, piano, percussion elements, synth bass, electric piano.

Contains 5 versions:

  1. Calm Background [short] – 2:02
  2. Calm Background [short, minimalistic] – 2:02
  3. Calm Background – 2:19
  4. Calm Background [no break] – 2:19
  5. Calm Background [no break, minimalistic] – 2:19
  • short versions (1 and 2) are similar to version 3, but have shorter intro.
  • minimalistic versions do not contain rhythmic guitar parts.
  • no break versions have no quiet part in the middle.

Ideal for following use:

  • Commercial
  • Advertisement
  • Technology video
  • Product demonstration video
  • Presentation
  • Scientific video
  • Social Video
  • Documentary
  • YouTube Inspiring or Motivating Compilation
  • Viral Marketing Campaign

Mix and match different versions to match your needs, for example:

  • Replace the short intro of Version 2 by the one from Version 5 to create a unique track.

Thanks for choosing our track!