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Hey Brandon! That’s a great pack with great tracks for a great price! :) Congrats for your work! Mat Steiner

Thank you so much Mat! That’s an honor coming from an awesome artist such as yourself! You’ve got some incredible tracks on AJ!

Love this track dude, cool uke rhythms :)

Thanks so much Sam!!

Love this dude awesome work!

Thanks so much Jesse! Appreciate the comment :)

Hello, If i buy this music file can i usw it in my Video?

I Love your song!

Thanks so much, Daniel! You’re encouragement really means a lot!

Hi Brandon! I’ve purchased the envato corporate bundle. It contains “a bright side” in 4 different versions. I have to make 4 videos for the same client on the same theme (a tourist trip in 4 steps). I was wondering if it’s possible to use the versions of “a bright future” each on one video. thank you, Andrea

Thanks for contacting me, Andrea! I believe that’s perfectly fine. Thank you for choosing to include my music in your video. Best of luck to you!

so, I will do in this way: A Bright Future (Full Version) > video 1, A Bright Future (No Drums) > video 2, A Bright Future (Shorter Version) > video 3, A Bright Future (Uke, Piano, Bells, Tambourine Only) > video 4. Is it correct? thank you for such a beautiful track!

I think that works! Thank you for using my music :)

Hi Brandon.

I got this track from a Envato Bundle. I’ve used it on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpm9uXLIytw . Please could you do what needs to be done so the ads don’t appear on Youtube please? Thanks. Mark.

Will get that taken care of right now. Should clear within 24 hours.

Thanks Mark!

Hi Brandon

I have the exact same problem as “8persap”... Bought your track in an Envato Bundle, used it in an Youtube animation and now its filled with adds…. Could you please help me to? the link is here https://youtu.be/NjcMGQ0m34Y

Thanks Kim

Hi Kim, the request has been put in. Should be cleared very soon. Thanks!!

I love this audio. so happy and up-lifting. great support