Be Epical

Be Epical

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Epic inspiring positive cinematic track performed by motivational piano, classical orchestral instruments such as driving strings (violins, violas and cellos), heavy brass (horns and trumpets), huge percussion, thunderous drum kit. Can be perfect for motivational videos, pathetic film project, movie opener or credits background; emotional trailer and teaser; intense video game; sport, powerful or dramatic videos, parallax slideshow or demo reel After Effects projects, heroic history timeline, and other epic projects.

Includes versions:
01. Original track (1:46)
02. Short Version (1:06)
03. Short Version 2 (0:44)
04. Short Version 3 (0:25)

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Created in best tradition of cinematic genre, similar to: Hans Zimmer, Two Steps From Hell, Hybrid Two, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Michael Giacchino, Brian Tyler, Harry Gregson Williams, Thomas Newman, Nick Phoenix, Steve Jablonsky