Pouring Liquor Pack

Pouring Liquor Pack

Bar sounds.

Items can be used in holiday videos, games, cartoons, movies, commercial videos, advertising, video related to bar business, alcohol industry projects and so on.

Package contains 18 high quality WAV and MP3 (320 kBit/s Stereo) files:

1. Pouring a Drink A (0:04);

2. Pouring a Drink B (0:02);

3. Water Flows (0:08);

4. Bottle Cap Open (0:01);

5. Bottle Cap Close (0:01);

6. Bottle Cap A (0:01);

7. Bottle Cap B (0:01);

8. Squeaking Bar Stool (0:01);

9. Glasses on a Bar Counter (0:01);

10. Glass on a Bar Counter A (0:01);

11. Glass on a Bar Counter B (0:01);

12. Move a Glass Through a Bar Counter (0:01);

13. Glass Tinkling (0:01);

14. Pouring a Drink C (0:01);

15. Pouring a Drink D (0:01);

16. Pouring a Drink E (0:01);

17. Glass Noise (0:01);

18. Trash Noise (Room Ambience) (0:02);

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