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Electro Pop track with Tropical Flavor!

Bambooz is a cool and positive Electro Pop track with an uplifting tropical or tribal vibe. Let this track give your video, the energy shot that will make it both hot an cool!

Intense yet laid-back, this hot track is edgy and smooth!

Bambooz was specifically crafted so as to allow your cool and edgy project to unleash its full power and reach its maximum entertaining potential. Get your audience excited and captivated, so that they will feel good about your project!

A wooden percussive instrument with an earthy signature tone, gives the track an organic quality that plays in stark contrast with modern synths., this exciting track features positive melody lines played on mallet instruments and pluck synths. A groovy Hip-Hop beat drives the track home, while various synths, drops, sweeps and risers as well as vocal chops, keep things interesting throughout, making the track a real audience pleaser!

With its positive melody and smooth edgy energy, Bambooz will be the perfect soundtrack to your cool video!

Perfect for:

Background Electro music for fun video projects such as, party scene, summer video, hi tech product videos, club scene, high-energy commercials, teen video, exciting content, fun events,...

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