Background Technology

Background Technology

Modern background royalty-free tech corporate soundtrack for vlog, marketing, advertising, applications, presentations, infographic, explainer, technology review, timelapse, science and educational video, YouTube and Vimeo channels, etc. Best choice for digital marketing agency, advertising company and for personal use!

Versions: archive includes five HQ versions in WAV & MP3 format for best flexibility

1. Background Technology 140bpm long version – 2’10”

2. Background Technology 140bpm medium version – 1’15”

3. Background Technology 140bpm short version – 0’34”

4. Background Technology 140bpm shortest version – 0’20”

5. Background Technology 140bpm loop version – 0’13”

Mood: ambient, slow, calm, success, business, confident, motivated

Instruments: tech corporate beat, piano, electronic arp, atmospheric lead, arco strings, synth, gated pad, bass, SFX

Q: Why Constellation Audio?
A: More than 10 years of music production experience, five versions of each music track (buy 1 track – get 5 versions) and high quality of music

MUSIC PACKS – Want to save money? Buy music in packages! 1 pack = 3 tracks = 15 versions

AMBIENT – For personal vlog and advertising video

TECH CORPORATE – For educational video, hi-tech and technology review

CORPORATE – For advertising video, business presentations

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