Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony


Awards Ceremony, Ceremony Opening, Ceremony Music

This track is specially designed for voice over speech, perfect for any kind of awards ceremony. You can make any length you want, just use loop version.

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  • Medium2 [1.14] – Turpak.wav
  • Loop [2.05] – Turpak.wav

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    Awards Ceremony - 1 Inspire / Motivational Calm / Confident Meditative
    Epic / Dramatic Soft / Background Funny
    Romantic Triumphant Sad
    Scary Nostalgic

    Awards Ceremony - 2 Motivational Inspiring Uplifting
    Technology Hopeful Confident
    Minimal Logo Ident

    Awards Ceremony - 3 Presentation Crowdfunding Apps & Games
    Wedding Video Travel Video Timelapse
    Fashion Advertising Slideshow
    Cartoons Interview Aerial
    Awards Reel

    Awards Ceremony - 4 Cinematic Romantic Comedy
    Corporate Dramatic/Action Experimental
    Ambient Suspense / Dark Folk / Acoustic
    Vocal / Voice Classical World Beat
    Christmas Halloween Ramadan

    Awards Ceremony - 5 Inspiring Calm / Confident Sad
    Background Romantic

    Awards Ceremony - 6 Elemental Dark Electric
    Simple Glitch Seasonal
    Corporate Epic Other

    Awards – is a triumphal and solemn track with piano, drums, brass, strings, cello and other instruments. A celebratory, majestic and inspiring music featuring bold, triumphant brass, soaring violins and explosive percussion. Inspiring, touching, emotional and uplifting cinematic music. Evolving and building into a positive, optimistic and contemplative culmination with piano, strings and epic drums. Can be used as a fanfare or opening ceremony. Suitable for award ceremony, opening of the festival, awarding the winners, beauty pageant, achievements in sport, sports video, Olympic awards, for opening Soccer World Cup, nomination, blockbuster sound for trailers, quiz, video about the journeys, Epical video, drone video, landscapes, nature, Love story, wedding, dramatic movies, video about love, wedding trailer, wedding ceremonies, Videos about Honeymoon, Valentine’s Day, touching video, passage on the red carpet, interviews, news, podcasts, commercial, social, web video, presentations, promotions, after effect projects, video animation of shape, television, tv show, advertising, slideshows and any project that needs a grand, celebratory orchestral fanfare.

    Additional description. This inspiring and uplifting music is a great choice for any kind of Epic Awards Show, anniversary grand opening, Motivational ceremony of nomination, energetic awarding at the sports TV program. Powerful Hollywood Orchestra is perfect to set a Heroic, Energetic, Inspirational mood for your Positive Advertising Opener, Cinematic Corporate Commercial, Late Night Celebratory and Epic Adventure Show. If you need an Emotional Orchestral Background Music for the Action Adventure Movie, Dramatic Achievement, Positive Victory video and awards titles this track will be a perfect choice. Also, great for the Big Action Trailers, Victory achievement by the strongest champions! Featured instruments: solemn luxurious piano, Hollywood Inspiring Orchestra.

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