Applause Pack

Applause Pack

List of effects:
PolygraphSFX – Applause 01 (Length:0:14)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 02 (Length:0:21)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 03 (Length:0:24)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 04 (Length:0:18)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 05 (Length:0:17)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 06 (Length:0:26)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 07 (Length:0:18)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 08 (Length:0:33)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 09 (Length:0:19)
PolygraphSFX – Applause 10 (Length:0:18)
1. Futuristic transition and movement effects which is very popular in game industry, TV production, film score composing, cinematic trailers composing and so on. They’re good for sound design in video post-production (film score, trailers, advertising etc.)

2. Noification sounds for mobile applications, websites, software, buttons clicks, menu rollover sound effects, intros and outros for corporate presentations and so on.

3. Sound-Design effects for radio stations. Whoosh, Sweep, FM-noises, Drone, Hit, Transition backgrounds for jingle composing. Everything you need to glue up or mix radio shows and advertising blocks together

4. Intro and Logo tracks for any kind of corporate purposes (mobile apps, ringtones, brand advertising, etc.)

5. Synthesized and natural acoustic soundscapes for your sound-design ideas!

If you need music backgrounds for Film Score or Corporate Advertising music styles, check my music portfolio:
All my ringtones and mobile sound design effects were tested on cell phones, so all files has exactly necessary amount of compression and limiting. They are ready to use without any correction of gain.