Anxiety Kit

Anxiety Kit

This cinematic music Kit conveys a feeling of anxiety and alarm. Powerful and beautiful epic trailer for your video production, film or advertise.

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High quality background music for video. Exciting string staccato warmed a common atmosphere. Energetic drums aggravate the situation over time. Also here you will hear a gloomy piano, fascinating their sounds brass solos, horns, violin, cello and cinematic choir. Perfect for scoring beautiful, powerful and emotional videos, historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games, sport visuals, titles, titres and many other projects! Also it suitable for action and adventures, background. This cinematic trailer is brave and heroic, good for dramatic ending, energetic epic,moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score. Intense cinematic music that can be heard and used in various type of movie and film production, trailers, media projects, marketing campaigns, beautiful time-lapse, life and travel videos and almost any motivational video production

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:

  • Demo Track 01 1:20
  • Demo Track 02 0:45
  • Demo Track 03 2:04
List of tracks that included of this kit:
  • 01_Intro_Fill – 0:02
  • 02_Intro_1 – 0:17
  • 03_Intro_2 – 0:17
  • 04_Fill_1 – 0:04
  • 05_Main_Part_1 – 0:17
  • 06_Main_Part_2 – 0:17
  • 07_Fill_2 – 0:04
  • 08_Main_Part_3 – 0:17
  • 09_Main_Part_4 – 0:17
  • 10_End – 0:08
All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails

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