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Air Magic

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Air Magic!

Recorded, Synthesized and Designed Air Magic Sound Pack
Air Magic Sounds is very useful for Aerial Positive and Negative Events, Wind Spell, Nature Magic, Air Elemental Cast, Wizardy, Movement, Transition, Thunder and Lightning Strikes, Rain, Pass and Fly By and etc.
Please let me know if you want any changes in Air Magic Sound Pack like make loop, make similar sounds and even full pack of new sounds!
Please use Air Magic SFX for Cartoons, Games, Movies, Internet or any other commercial and non-commercial projects

List of Sounds:

Air Magic Force- 0:02
Air Magic Heal- 0:02
Air Magic High Energy- 0:03
Air Magic Bless- 0:01
Air Magic Negative Debuff- 0:02
Air Magic Teleport- 0:03
Aerial Magic Thunder Cloud Fast- 0:02
Aerial Magic Lightning Bolt- 0:02
Aerial Magic Lightning Strike 1- 0:01
Aerial Magic Lightning Strike 2- 0:01
Aerial Shine Short- 0:02
Aerial Wind Short- 0:03
Aerial Magic Thunder Cloud- 0:04
Air Magic High Energy Soft- 0:02
Air Magic Positive- 0:01
Air Whoosh Pass By- 0:01
Air Magic Woosh- 0:01
Fire Woosh- 0:02
Lightning Strike Rod- 0:03
Swirling Fast- 0:05
Thunder Strike- 0:04
Air Magic Lightning Bolt- 0:03
Woosh- 0:01
Swirling Slow- 0:04
Air Magic Apocalypse- 0:08
Thunderstorm Loop- 0:30

Air Magic Pack contains both wav and mp3 high quality stereo sounds
If you want to use Air Magic Sound Pack in several projects, please buy a multi-use license