Action Percussion

Action Percussion

Big epic percussion track, with constant energy flow, no pauses and a small escalation in the end. Checked with different test videos and blends perfectly with SFX and VO.

  • Easy to cut.
  • 2 versions with different flavours.
  • Energy level is constantly high without making it to repetitive and tiring
  • Full customer support.

Contains 2 versions:

  1. McMillenium – Action Percussion – 1:29
  2. McMillenium – Action Percussion [NTE]* – 1:29

[NTE] or No Tonal Elements version doesn’t contain some parts of the mix, which converts the track into exclusively percussive one.

Great for:

  • Movie trailer
  • Epic commercial
  • Cinematic sequence
  • Action opener
  • Commercial
  • Game trailer
  • Dangerous travel documentary
  • Film
  • Teaser
  • Extreme sport video
  • Energetic showreel

Thanks for choosing this track!