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Hey D, great logo man ! I love it !! Fresh and acoustic ! :)

Thank you sir, I appreciate your kind words!

Thanks, I am glad you enjoy this one!

Inspired by Imagine Dragons? ;) Well done!

ohh brother… you won my heart… so amazing… I can’t even describe what I am feeling when i am listening this music…. I am making logo animation with this music in next few days….

Thank you for this heartwarming comment. Can’t wait to see your animation!

Wow tat’s rally a treat for my ears! :) Love it! :)

Thanks. Glad you appreciate it!

Such an amazing instrumentation! I love the beginning. Fantastic.

Thanks Alkis, your work isn’t shabby either! ;)

Far off from your production quality. But I’ll keep learning..!

All of your work is very impressive – great production and tracks that are full of life! Will stop by again soon to see what’s new :)

Thanks Lewis, glad you like it.

really catchy track…just noticed it on a vHive project…enough of these & it will get you out of the basement for sure!! :) great work!!

I sure hope so, sir! :) Thank you for the kind comment.