A relaxing folk acoustic song with a sad atmosphere, feel of loneliness a breakup and sad goodbyes, feating the great singer “Itay Horwitz’, Can be use for a commercials, Tv show, presentations and more..

Weightless comes in 3 Edit versions:
  1. Weightless Full Song 3:36
  2. Weightless Short Edit 2:02
  3. Weightless outro Edit 0:39

Give me a sign something that shines
Take me out of space and time
It’s more then a dream
Now I’m the wind
Feel it around me
Now I am in

So many years tons of fear
No wonder I trembled and lived on my knees
I tried to survive now I am alive
Oh, I can feel the sun in my eyes

Yes, I’m weightless
Yes, I’m weightless

Come on outside let us dance with the stares It looks very far but it is here in my heart Come on don’t leave me we’re not very far Hold on to me

Give us a sign, something that shines
Take us out of space and time
We more then a dream we are the wind
Feel it around us
Now we’re in

Yes I’m weightless above my pain
Yes I’m weightless I can love again

I’ll be in your dream Sing through the wind
Feel it around you come on in

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