Cheerful and upbeat track in the corporate style. Rhythmic and positive, perfect for projects of various kinds: animation, children’s issues, business projects and not only …
The track used: funny sounds of bells, rhythmic clapping, guitar, piano, bass and drums.

The archive contains a few versions of this track:
(all versions you can listen in a preview )
  • Cheerful Corporate_main (2:25) – basic version
  • Cheerful Corporate_A (0:56) – short version (without a solo) – loop
  • Idents:
  • Cheerful Corporate_B (0:14) – light version (theme solo) – loop
  • Cheerful Corporate_C (0:28) – light version (theme solo without a bass) – loop

  • Intro/logo:
  • Cheerful Corporate_D (0:16) -small version can use as intro or Logo

And all versions included: .waw & .mp3 (320kBit)

Save your money and get this track in the pack:

Corporate Positive Pack
8 tracks; time – 20:17

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