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Welcome to Tone Insight !

Tone Insight is a professional audio and music production project. We aim to provide high-quality royalty free music from various genres, sound design elements, field recordings of everything from daily life to nature for your creative media projects.

What do we offer?


We provide elegant compositions for television, radio, film, video games, interactive media etc.

Logos & Idents

We provide premium jingles and audio logos & idents for branding purposes.

Field Recording

We provide exclusive field recordings from daily life to nature.

Sound Design

We design custom sounds and sound effects for your creative media projects.

How do we create?

Any creative project requires a unique approach. We are aware of the fact that music is an important element of any media project. The right music can give your audience goosebumps. On the other hand, the wrong one can ruin your project. The most important thing for us is connecting ourselves to everyone else with our work. The right music should awaken the right feelings. Our music should appeal to listeners.

We create, design, and record usable materials. We create our products with a keen sense of technique without ruling out the universal aspects of audio and music. With our custom work, we also value the opinions and wishes of our customers. So you can request edits and alterations to our existing portfolio.

We are proud of being boundless and beyond any classifications such as genre, duration, etc. After all, loud or quiet, short or long, simple or complex, our duty is presenting what is right for your project.

If you like our work, feel free to purchase them and use them in your projects. Please comment on our portfolio and/or contact us about custom works you require.

VideoHive authors

Dear fellow VideoHive authors, don’t hesitate sending us your work with our recordings so we can present them here.

Website and further information

You may visit our website Tone Insight for useful articles about audio and music related subjects.

Thanks for choosing us and have a great day!

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