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My ongoing "career"

Hello, my name is Magnus. I`ve been creating music since early 2009. I create many different kind of genres:

Orchestra/Movie Music, House, Uplifting Trance, Hardstyle, Drum And Bass, Electro, and Hands Up. At the moment I`m working under 3 different kinds of artist names.

We have Groundshatter which is my first account. This here my hardstyle career began. Today i mostly upload hardstyle remixes on that account.

Ground Invaders is another hardstyle project. It`s a duo artist name as you can tell by the name. We`re Currently at Hazardous Recordz, but we`ll try to make it furter up there in the future.

I`ve just started, yet another project. Where my artist name goes under Stokkvin. Under this artist name i will post epic music like movie/orchestra music and uplifting trance music. I love to create huge atmosphere melodies, and i hope one day that a director would see my work over here at audiojungle, and maybe in the future i would be creating movie music. I just have to wait, and see what happens in the future.

There is probably a lot of wrong spelling here, but i`m from Norway, so English is not my mothertonge.

“Can i do a collab with you”? Sure, be my guest. Collab is everything :)!

I try to make my music as dreamy and uplifting as possible in every genre, since that`s where i get my inpsiration from.

Oh and if you like my music, and want a briefly explanation on why i started on that genre, or want to know more about why i started to create music in general/hear the process over the years then contact me!


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