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Stephen Marro

About Me

Hello, my name is Stephen Marro and I am a sound designer, composer, producer, and recording engineer who works in the media industry. I graduated from Full Sail University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recording Arts. Since graduating, I have worked with many musicians, directors, and production companies writing, recording, and mixing music, sound effects, and dialogue. My dedication and talents have led me to a career that has made an impact on the industry and has shown no signs of slowing down. By working side by side with individuals such as Tom Denney (ex-A Day to Remember) and Andrew Wade, I have worked with well-known artists such as A Day to Remember, Secrets, Woe, Is Me, and Issues. I have also worked with production companies such as Afflux Club, Military Brat Productions, Kino, and DarlaCat Productions.

I am a very versatile composer/sound designer. I can and have created scores and sound effects for scary, drama, action, and comedy movies and commercials. If you need an original score or sound design, I, Stephen Marro, am your guy!

Music Credits

  • A Day to RememberCommon Courtesy, Intern 2013
  • Secrets - Fragile Figures, Assistant Producer and Engineer 2013
  • Woe, Is Me - American Dream, Assistant Producer and Engineer 2013
  • MEST Radio, Assistant Engineer on the song “Radio” 2013
  • Fathoms Cold Youth, Assistant Engineer 2013
  • A Sound In Sight A Sound in Sight, Assistant Engineer 2013
  • Weather Patterns – Silver Lake, Producer, Engineer, Mixer 2013
  • Issues Black Diamonds, Intern on the song “King of Amarillo” 2012
  • Wage War Untitled, Assistant Engineer 2012
  • Fathoms Transitions, Intern 2012
  • Sound Department Credits

  • Digital EdgeCommercial #1, Sound Designer and Mixer 2013
  • A Sound In Sight Dark Shadows (Live Performance Introduction Track), Composer and Mixer 2013
  • Secrets - Fragile Figures (Intro Track) UNRELEASED, Composer 2013
  • Wage War War Within (Live Performance Introduction Track), Composer and Mixer 2012
  • Kino Productions Kabaret (Short Film) UNRELEASED, Composer and Mixer 2012
  • Break Blossom (BAND) – Hater’s Love Me (Music Video), Sound Designer and Sound Mixer 2012
  • Military Brat Productions Broken (Short Film), Sound Designer and Mixer 2012
  • DarlaCat ProductionsSprinkles and Sparkles (Short Film), Audio Clean Up 2012
  • Jacobi Simmons ProductionsChoices (Short Film), Sound Designer and Mixer 2012