ShtiFt – Moscow sound-producer exploring different types of the syntheses since 1996. Works practically in all directions of the electronic music as from “Techno” and finishing “Hard IDM”. It Is Published solely on russian labels since 2008 (Pulsations For You, Homework and Req Recordings) though album “Play noise” all left in english “Vorbic”. At the beginning initially 2011 ShtiFt created its label “Block4” and will in the future become to publish itself. Uses trackers, VST instruments, modern iron samplers (the album “Iron ideas” is wholly made on Korg ESX sampler) and synthesizers 80-h years, as well as enormous amount efects. Add hereto non-standard building composition and you will understand, what is a ShtiFt. However, listenning albums of the different years you will hardly hear the handwriting of the author. For instance album “Meditation” more looks like music “Jean Michel Jarre”, albums “Music for color dreams”, “Play noise” and “The theory of loneliness” similar to creative activity of the duo “Aurechre”, but realises “For anvide 5.5” and “Black holes” on sounds remote remind “Depeche mode”...

Full discography ShtiFt:

  • Test of pen (1997)
  • Elementary school (1998) 2CD
  • Under the influence of low spirits (1999)
  • Technical method (2000) 2CD
  • Perplex (2002)
  • Microelectronics (2003)
  • Show can be small (2003)
  • New works (2003)
  • Continue… (2003)
  • Minimal efforts (2004)
  • KEY 235 (2004)
  • Crocness (2006)
  • Extravaganza (2006)
  • Syntetic (2007)
  • Meditation (2007)
  • Scratchy crunch (2008)
  • Music for color dreams (2008)
  • Play noise (2008)
  • The theory of loneliness (2009)
  • Micromodul (2009)
  • Iron ideas (2009)
  • For anvide 5.5 (2009)
  • Black holes/Vacuum (2010)

    Free Releases [IDM, Glitch, Experimental]:

    Play Noise [Vorbic | England]
    Music For Color Dreams [Pulsations For You | Russia]
    The Theory Of Loneliness [Homework | Russia]
    Scratchy Crunch (Side project) [Pulsations For You | Russia]
    Iron Ideas [Req Recordings | Russia]


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