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Who is Riffster?

My artist name is Riffster. It was a name that my band mates gave me back in high school and I’ve kept it ever since. I’ve been playing & composing music for over 25 years. It’s my true passion. I started playing guitar when I was very little and never lost the hunger for music. I’ve composed several scores for small indie films/videos and written a few jingles over the years. I use Sony products (Acid, Sound Forge, Vegas, etc) to record and master my music.

I have a dry sense of humor (sorry about that) and it bleeds through into my music sometimes. Most of my music is just like me: warm, melodic and adventurous, with a hint is mischief. Life is way to serious, so I take it down a notch.

My website/blog – it’s always evolving

Style? No, not really. . .

I will try almost anything once. My main my passion is guitar based music. I like to play as loud as my amps will let me, but I still leave room for softer, more melodic music. My style is a mix of Rock, Blues, R&B, Classical and some Jazz. All of my songs start with the guitar and work outward from there (sometimes on a guitar synth). I play several instruments, but the heart and soul of my music is guitar. My understanding of music and it’s theories comes from learning and playing guitar. I enjoy creating music that is outside my normal realm. Nothing is out of the question. My music crosses over many genres. I enjoy all types of music. Any opportunity to collaborate with other musicians is welcome.

You can listen to some of my guitar rock tracks on my acid planet page. Some of these are also for sale on Audio Jungle.

Check out my Sound Cloud here

My Addiction – There’s no turning back now. . .

Walks into a crowded room and sits down - Hello, my name is Riffster (group says; “Hello Riffster”), I’ve been hooked on AudioJungle for several years now and it’s getting worse. I waste hours listening to tracks, but love every minute. I love the creative vibe here. I can’t stop! I won’t! MORE! I NEED MORE!!

Thank you for supporting my addiction…


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