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Code Flash Faster With FTML

Flash Text Markup Language

We have a Markup Language called Flash Text which can render Flash like HTML directly in the browser.

The language is 100% XML and MXML based so all Flash/Flex projects are easily transferred. You can also load your custom code/packages to be used directly on the html page. SWC importing will be available soon.

Main site: http://www.reshapemedia.com/ftml/
Samples: http://reshapemedia.com/ftml/downloads/samples/
Docs: http://reshapemedia.com/ftml/learn/tutorials/namespaces/packages/mxml/

Photoshop to Flash in One Click

We have a script that will turn a Photoshop (.psd) file into a Flash web site… that’s it, no work required. You run the script and it outputs all the required files (.html and .png).


PHP to Flash

One of the most common PHP scripts is a form. Before FTML, there has never been a method of truly integrating Flash with PHP. Flash and PHP have always been separate sandboxes when developing. FTML now allows you to write PHP and FTML hand in hand on the same page.

PHP to Flash

Flash to IPhone and IPad

The first and only Flash system to dual render in both web(Flash) and iPhone or iPad(non Flash). There have been many attempts before FTML to support Flash on non Flash Player devices. Each solution, even Adobe, involve creating an app from scratch to support iPhone and iPad. FTML breaks the boundaries by allowing any Flash SWF to convert to HTML compliant websites with out additional work.

Flash to IPhone

Ganizor (OpenSource)

This is a PHP library for building Flash directly from the server. It is in its Alpha phase but will be available for public download shortly.

  • Visual PHP via FTML
  • Event Driven Foundation
  • Full OOP and Clear Documentation
  • Efficient Data and Class usage
  • Easily Accessable Data Objects
  • AS3 and PHP Style Coding
  • FULL CMS (Admin Coming)


Specialties (but not limited to…)

Flash, Flex, Web2.0, PHP, mySQL, creative design, server architecture, system mainframes, browser integration, kiosk/touch screen development, digital displays/menus

If you would like some more information, please let me know. You can contact me at mrrich@reshapemedia.com.