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  • Scriabin Alexander

    Scriabin Alexander

    By povpau

    Refined and comfortable music in the sound of solo piano. The range of images - from calm and meditative contemplation to ekstatitcheskogo to exalted mood. Tracks recommended listen individually.

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  • Woodwinds
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  • Tragical
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  • Beethoven
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  • Haydn Franz Joseph

    Haydn Franz Joseph

    By povpau

    Haydn piano music. Clean sound of the piano solo. Image content - contrast with the character of the game conflict. Lightness and humor, optimism and activity. Movable tempos of performances. Tracks are suitable for creating a positive mood, to ov...

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  • Bach Johann Sebastian

    Bach Johann Sebastian

    By povpau

    Bach piano music. Clean sound of the piano poliphony. Contrast, but without conflict. Moderate or quiet tempos of performances. The tracks has been created for a harmonious emotional condition.

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  • Romantic
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  • Hollidays
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  • –°hildhood
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  • Emotional
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  • Meditative
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  • Classical music

    Classical music

    By povpau

    Sometimes in our intensive life there are times when we need classical music - it creates a good mental state, soothes and relaxes or tones for future action. There are kinds of music that create a relaxed and confident business environment to sol...

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