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Welcome to PolygraphMusic Sound Design Portfolio

PolygraphMusic is a project of one person, who had a dream to bring creative ideas into reality. I worked more than 10 years offline, and i had quite good success but now i interested in new experience!

As well as i produce music for songwriting (Pop, Hip-hop, House) i compose music for video production (Film Score, TV Advertising), podcasts, corporate backgrounds, music for slide-shows and many more.

DISCOUNT: If you want to save money, you can buy almost every track of mine with 50% discount. Just click “included in pack” banner on item page or visit my Music Packs Collection by link:

FLEXIBILITY: If you need to be more flexible with audio editing while doing your project or if you need to fit audio exactly to fixed timing you have to use Music Kit. It allows to fit perfectly my audio track with your video project and have 100% matching result with dynamics and timing.
Check my Music Kits here:

QUALITY: All my tracks was produced and mixed on hi-end equipment and tested on many types of multimedia systems to get the maximum compatibility with the sound which your client would listen to.
Tracks are ready for broadcasting on television and over the Internet. You don’t have to make any improvements.

SUPPORT: If you have any questions or proposals you can contact me through the form on the right bottom side of my profile page.
I hope, that my production music will help your business become more friendly to clients and more profitable as well.
Thanks and God Bless you!

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