Here my Exclusive account

My favorite tracks in different genres:

The End Of Crisis – Action cinematic track for some epic moments.
Amazing Universe – Cinematic track for different atmospheric videos.
Rise of the Machines – Agressive cinematic track, combat melody.
End of Legend – Brutal epic track in Hollywood style with lyric and melodic end.
Homecoming – Nice epic track in Hollywood style with very soft beginning and agressive end.
Exterminator – Hybrid epic trailer, very agressive and strong.
Rising Lights – Epic soulful track in Hollywood style.
Traveler – Motivating track, presentation, advertisement.
Storm – Epic strong orchestral track for different projects.
Hybrid Trailer – Hybrid epic track for trailers, Films, you tube videos, etc.
Thriller 1 – Short epic trailer for some different projects.
Citizen of the Earth – Ethno melodic epic track with many ancient instruments.
Beautiful Park – Cinematic romantic track. Very lyric orchestral music.

Please send me a link to your project with my music. It is very important for me! Thank you.

Similar famous composers: Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Jeremy Soule, Howard Shore, Harry Gregson-Williams, Lorne Balfe, Steve Jablonsky, Henry Jackman, Two steps from hell, Audiomachine.

My Collections:

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