Let's Create A Great Sounding Inspirational Projects

Do you love feeling inspired? Would you like to give those feelings to your customers or viewers? Do you want to create not just a product?

Of course, yes ;)

We love to see when your project starts to sound awesome. We are glad to help you achieve this goal. Welcome to OrangeGlasses

To Buyers

Thank you for choosing Orange Glasses production! Feel free to send a link to your project and enjoy the free promotion on our pages.

For VideoHive Authors

If you want to cooperate with us, just:

- Download preview file
- Use it in your project
- Put a link of the file in the description with our full name. For example:

Music by: “OrangeGlasses – Creative Motivation

After you uploaded your project to VideoHive, don’t forget to let us know about it so that we can promote it on our AudioJungle profile and social channels.

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