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I’m a composer and sound designer of custom music in different cinematic genres: Romantic/ Dramatic/Action/Horror orchestral scores for films, games, media, trailers. Each track which you like can be changed as you wish: (tempo/equalizing/length/ fading/ sound FX). For any questions you can contact me via email. tellentstudio@gmail.com Don’t hesitate to leave comments or links on your projects. P.S. If you need track\sfx for your project, just tell me and i help you. If you need some sfx or music for Videohive projects I can help you for free.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail on my profile page or in Skype: tellentstudio

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 photo HYBRID_trailers_zps8b750f0a.png photo DUBSTEP_trailers_zpsc189fd73.png photo EPIC_trailers_zpsaedda99a.png

 photo ORCHESTRAL_trailers_zps86d554f6.png photo EMOTIONAL_trailers_zps949445f0.png photo FUTURISTIC_trailers_zpsa15936fb.png

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 photo Cinematic_SFX_zps8355ef5c.png photo Dubstep_SFX_zps93062ebd.png photo Futuristic_SFX_zpsccc953b5.png

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Projects Using My Music and Sound Design:

 photo GlassLogo_zpse9c6c79d.jpg photo TransformingLogothumb_zps79658b78.jpg photo DigitalLogo_zps577661f3.jpg photo ShapeshifterLogo1_zps1f75b94b.jpg photo 80x80_zps3c029dc4.jpg photo CinematicTunelLogol_zps9592e14e.jpg

 photo 80x80Clean_zps5fd81084.jpg photo 880_zpsa648b9f4.jpg photo Thumbnail_zps3eba77d2.jpg photo Formulas_80_80b_zps2927dc5f.jpg photo 1_00032_zpsbeefe580.png photo thumbnail1_zps905f902d.jpg

 photo Thumbnail_zps30dcca79.png photo 80x801_zps1f9df6d5.jpg photo thumb_zpsc7abd96e.png photo Thumbnail2_zps95122f90.jpg photo Thumbnail80pixel_zps375a05ce.jpg  photo _80x80_zps1573f3bf.png

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