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Trailer Music For Motion Picture and Video Game Advertising Trailer Productions - trailers, tv spots, commercials, promos, featurettes, Media Entertainment, News, Previews & tv programs.

Martijn de Bont is the 32 year old founder of Martijn the Bont Music Productions, a high end music recording studio located in Breda, The Netherlands. As a professional music composer, Martijn offers high quality royalty free music for media (e.g music for TV broadcasting, film trailers, videogame music, advertising & product presentation background music), specialized in modern trailer music and trailer sound design.

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Toxic Recordings – Epic Rock & Metal based Trailer Music
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Martijn de Bont’s music has been used in thousands of projects

Marvel’s Captain America – Civil War , Disney’s The Finest Hours, Breitling, Yamaha, Mercedes Benz AMG, Rob Zombie’s The Great American Nightmare, AMD / ATI, Nike, BMW, Lexus, McLaren Automotive, Kite (Samuel L Jackson), The Guillotines, Knight Rider Heroes (David Hasselhofs) , Gutshot Straight (Steven Seagal), Supremacy (Danny Glover), Knock Knock (Keanu Reeves), Spiderman Unlimited, Mechwarrior Online, Eurosport, Outdoor channel, NBC, CBS, ZDF, Sport1.

Toxic Recordings – Epic Cinematic Rock & Metal

What happens if you combine two musicians who live and breathe epic and hardhitting cinematic music? It get’s even more epic and cinematic! Welcome to Toxic Recordings, a company created by Martijn de Bont and Robert Slump

Toxic Recordings delivers epic and thundering cinematic rock and metal tracks combined with dubstep and electro elements, industrial music, nu-metal elements, and stunning trailer music. Toxic Recordings delivers professional music for trailers, movies and games, tv spots, advertising, commercials, media entertainment, youtube, gaming channels, previews and TV programs, news, featurettes, promotional videos, product presentations, crowdfunding projects and business related videos & presentations.

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