From Punk... To Funk... To The Sounds Of The City And Beyond

Hello everyone, I’m Mike Levine and I’m a composer, musician, sound designer and audio engineer. I’m fresh out of college, and am looking to work my way into the world of production music and sound. With a background in rock and punk rock, I decided to start with what I know, and now I am looking to expand my portfolio to give you a diverse selection of production music. I am also beginning to build a collection of ambient sound recording to be used in post production for video and film.

Please let me know if you are looking for any specific field recordings or music styles and I will do my best to work them into my portfolio. And if you have had a positive experiences with any of my products, a rating and a link to the project would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for checking out my profile.

Below you can find collections of my work divided by genre. Please excuse the current appearance as I am in the process of updating the look of my profile.

  • Ambient Soundscapes
  • Jazz
  • Punk Rock
  • Garage Punk
  • 3 Chord Punk
  • Ska Punk
  • Classical And Orchestral
  • Hardcore Punk
  • Rock
  • Funk And Groove
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