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Welcome to Lento Audio

Lento Audio is a professional audio and music production project providing quality audio and music for everyone.

Why Lento?

Lento Audio provides simple, elegant and usable music from various genres as well as field recordings of everything from daily life sound sources to nature. We respect elegance in simplicity. We produce our work with a keen sense of technique without ruling out the universal aspects of music. We try to connect ourselves to others with our work. Our work should appeal to listeners. This is why we respect our customers’ wishes.

If you like our work, feel free to purchase them and use them in your projects. Please comment on our portfolio and/or contact me about custom works you require.

VideoHive authors

Please send us your work with our products so we can present them here.

Website and further information

Check out our website on StillTune.com for useful articles about audio and music.

You can also follow us on our social accounts to see what we are up for next.

Thanks for choosing us and have a great day!

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