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Cinematic Composer / Music Director

Staff Composer of Cinenote (Dec. 2011 – Mar. 2013)

  • - ‘The Suspect’ – released on Dec. 24th, 2013. Directed by Shinyeon Won, Starred by GongYoo, HuiSoon Park, SeongHa Cho, DaIn Yoo
  • - ‘Very Ordinary Couple’ – released on Mar 21st, 2013. Directed by Noh Deok, Starred by Minki Lee, Minhee Kim
  • - ‘Conspirators’ – released on Aug 30th, 2012. Directed by Hongseon Kim, Starred by Changjeong Lim, Daniel Choi, Dalsoo Oh
Composer & Music Director of Documentary Film ‘Star of Hope – Ikwezilethemba’ (2010)

[Music for Broadcasting]

  • - Composer of Library Background Music for Broadcasting Programs issued by Modoocom, Inc. (Apr, 2011 – Apr, 2012)
    Used in SBS ‘Healing Camp’, ‘Running Man’, ‘K-POP STAR’, ‘Star Junior Show Bungeobbang’, KBS2 ‘Qualifications of Men’, Commercial Film of ‘Cheong-Ha’ – Starred by So-Dam Park, Commercial Film of ‘Ottugi Curry’ – Starred by Hui-Ae Kim, Commercial Film of a Cosmetic Cream ‘Hoo’ – Manufactured by LG Living Health, Inc., – Modeled by Young-Ae Lee, Commercial Film of ‘Hansam Bed’ – Modeled by Ji-Hyun Jeon, Commercial Film of ‘Allerman’ – Modeled by Tae-Hee Kim, Commercial Film of a Cosmetic Cream – Manufactured by Hanyul, Inc., Modeled by Mi-Yeon Lee, Commercial Film of ‘Steam Boy’ – Modeled by Hui-Ae Kim, Etc…
  • - Composer of a song ‘The Nature of K’ in KBS Music Library Album (Jul, 2012 – Dec, 2013)
    Used in KBS ‘6 o’ clock My Hometown’ E.5427th – ‘My Hometown Seen from the Sky’, Opening video clip of KBS News 9 on Dec. 31st, 2013.

[Promotion Film]
Composer & Music Director of Production Group ‘CINEMATIC PERSON’ (Since Jul. 2013)
Seoul Design Foundation Dongdaemoon Design Plaza(DDP)

  • - 1st Anniversary Commercial Film Series ‘Human Edition’ (Mar. 2015)
  • - Installation Video in Seoul Dongdaemoon Design Plaza, Collaborated with Damirat (Jun, 2014)

University Promo: Kyunggi Univ. (Dec. 2014), Hansung Univ. (Oct. 2014), Postech 30th Anniversary Fund for Development (Oct, 2014),
Sukmyeong Women’s Univ. (Oct. 2013), Seoul Women’s Univ (Oct. 2013), Sogang Univ (Jul. 2013)
Corporate Promo: Sejin Heavy Industries(Jul. 2016), Lotte Engineering & Machinery Mfg.Co(Jun. 2016), ADT CAPS (Oct. 2014), Social Company in Ansung City (Jan. 2014), World Vision (Sep. 2013)
Composer & Music Director of Handong Global University promotion video (2010)

[Video Games]

  • - Composer of Main Title Music of MMORPG ‘Tree of Savior’ Produced by NEXON & IMC Games (Jun, 2012)
  • - Composer of Background Music for MMORPG ‘Granado Espada 2’ Produced by IMC Games (May. 2013)

[Independent Music, Strings Arrangement]

  • - Strings Arranger, Scoring Session & Programmer of ‘Soum Band’ 1st EP Album ‘YEON’ (Dec, 2014)
  • - Producer, Keyboardist and Arranger of ‘Beauty Handsome’, member of Sugar Records (Jan, 2014 – )
  • - Co-Producer, Orchestrator, Recording and Mixing Engineer of ‘Town Bakery’ 1st Album ‘A Very Old Story’ (Jan, 2013 – Mar, 2014)
  • - Strings & Band Arranger of Singer-Songwriter JinHyun’s Title Song “When Love Fades” of 1st EP Album (Feb. 2016)
  • - Composer of ‘Dances of The Celts’ in the Album “Crost Ensemble – The World of Night Vol. 1 City of Brass” (Dec. 2014)
  • - Strings Arranger of 512Beans – ‘Cold Empty Hands’ (Apr. 2015)

[Contemporary Christian Music]

  • - Arranger and Orchestrator of ‘Let the River Flow’ in the Album “Leedaegwi – In Awesome Wonder” (Jun. 2014)
  • - Co-Producer, Keyboardist, Strings Arranger and Recording Engineer of CCM Album ‘7 Young Worshipers’ (2012)
  • - Keyboardist, Recording Engineer of 3rd Album ‘Where’ of Junmo Cho (2009)


  • - Composer & Music Director of Play ‘The Beauty Queen of Leenane’ performed in Doosan Art Center, sponsored by MusicalHeaven Inc. (2010)
  • - Sound Manager of Musical ‘Yo! Chunhyang’ performed at C Venues in Edinburgh, UK, sponsored by Handong Global University & Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism of Korea (2008)
  • - Winner’s Award in The 1st Kurzweil Midi Contest (2007)
  • - Keyboardist Session in Musical ‘The King’ (2003 – 2005)

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