Rob Wakefield: Acoustic Folk Music (formerly 'ahappyyak')

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Green Man Acoustic offers a wide range of traditional folk, original and classical music recorded to a high standard.

Instruments available to me at present are fiddle, mandolin, viola, jews harp, tekerolant (Hungarian hurdy-gurdy), citera (Hungarian zither), utogardon (Hungarian beaten-cello) and various percussion instruments.

All the sounds you will hear within my portfolio are real instruments – recorded acoustically. I am very proud to avoid electronic and synthetic sounds as I aim to keep my tracks as authentic as possible.

I focus particularly on the music of Britain, Ireland and Hungary. Most of the tracks in my portfolio are traditional folk melodies which I have arranged and recorded by myself. These are of course public domain tunes. I do also occasionally add some of my own compositions.

I am available for freelance work – I have in the past worked with bands, recorded music for film and television and other projects. If you are looking for something in particular which is not in my portfolio please drop me an email and I can provide you with a quote for a custom recorded track. You will be surprised how reasonable my rates are!

For more information please visit my website: www.fiddler.co.nz

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