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Hello everyone! My name is Oleg, I am a musician, musical producer and composer from a beautiful Russian town of Penza. I’ve found “Blue Sky” Music Production some years ago to write music for you, for your media – or any other imaginable or unimaginable projects, songs, performances etc. Besides, you can find in my portfolio the music almost from all over the world – the creativity hasn’t the borders! Oh, I will be happy to write music by your order (contact me on
Many thanks for visiting and welcome again, Music unites!

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My music in video:
4 Cats (and a Balalaika)Track of Time
31 Frogs (and a Piano)Snow Maiden
14 Bears (and a violin)Slovak Polka Pizzicato
Google PlayHot Pursuit
YouTubeOn Machu Picchu
YouTubeNeapolitan Banjo
YouTubeItalian SongYouTube
YouTubeBubbles Paradise
Spain on My Mind in “Life in 2 minutes” video
Beautiful video with October

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