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Everybody knows: music is an integral part of any media project. The right music speaks directly to the listeners heart and will heighten his or her emotions.

Can you think of a good movie-score without the heartbreaking sound of a string section, the massive power of epic horns or the tender sweetness of a flute? Me neither!

The reason is simple: these natural instruments with their rich palette of tone colors and effects can paint emotions like nothing else. Hence mostly I create music Orchestra and/or Piano, focussing on strong emotions and inspiring the audience.

You need something special for your project? I also create music on demand. Pop me a message and we will discuss the possibilities :-)

Kind Regards
Cis Minor

Recent tracks:

 photo BrightDay_Ad_Final_zpsb253f5cb.png Beautiful, positive and inspiring piano track, perfect as background for commercials, iPhone / iPad / android apps, corporate branding, radio, TV and more.

 photo UpInTheSky_Ad_zpscd713ad4.png A positive, energetic orchestral piece – dreamy, happy, triumphant!

 photo 21stCenturyMonk_Ad_zpsd2e3dceb.png Pure. Piano. Contemplative. A magic moment of silence, yet full of positive energy.

Fun! photo Fun_zps014086fe.png A funny, swinging Piano piece … conjuring a smile on your face, like kids on a playground.

Pure Joy photo PureJoy_Ad_zps5d17afd5.png Pure Joy – an uplifting and motivational piece with triumphant orchestral sound, perfectly suited for commercials.

Memories photo Memories_Ad_zps06bd5535.png Romantic Piano. Nostalgia. Sweet Memories. Strong emotions.

Love Story photo LoveStory_Ad_zps25a36395.png This is a sentimental, romantic waltz played by lovely strings with a solo violin theme … delicate, but deep, balancing sadness and warmth, heartfelt gratitude. A treasure to behold, and a treasured memory.

 photo OceanWavesAdFinal_zps10b652b5.png The music is the perfect underscore for any project where you want to express sea, waves, ocean, water, wind, shore, ebb and flow, mermaids … the inexpressible desire that we feel when we are at the sea.

Vast Land photo VastLand_AD_zps1aed3f91.png An orchestral piece, patriotic, cinematic feeling of vast space and majesty, conveying an intense feeling of “beginning of something great”.

On Top Of The Mountain photo OnTopOfTheMountain_Ad_zps6dc8f455.png On Top of the Mountain. Majesty. Greatness. Winning. Success. Bigger-Than-Life Hollywood Orchestra.

 photo SilverAndBlue_Ad_zps17ddead3.png

A sparkling piano piece painting an atmosphere of stars, dark blue sky, city by night, arctic, moonlight, snowflakes, winter, ocean, sea, ...

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