music, audio, sound effects and odd sound bites which are suitable for a variety of projects. we are available for commisioned work which can ultimately be purchased through audio jungle for your convenience, please contact us with your requirements.

blazznet productions

sound engineering and music production

logo at the end of the page you will find links to all our material broken down into electronic, acoustic and SFX folders, for more specific lists see below. if you require any of the audio files to be edited, remixed or somewhat altered do not hesitate to contact us. we can also produce audio and/or music on request. we would love to hear what you might use any audio you purchase, an email or a message here would be appreciated! TX
backgrounds – thin, mellow, slow or otherwise unobtrusive compositions, mostly with a definite fade in and fade out that will fit right behind your media or can be used as DVD menu or web pages audiofiles
funkadelik – on the funkier side of life… upbeat compositions characterised by a funky bass line or mood, for those fast paced moments or the cliche’ car chase scene
upbeat – faster upbeat material not always with a drum beat behind it but with a good dose of energy
ambient – downtempo – chill out zone – for those slower reflective moments – mellow, slow, introspective and mostly chilled… serve with a smile on your face
minimal classical, orchestral and jazz – piano or acoustic instrument based, classical or jazz influenced compositions
loops and beats – our full collection of loops and beats. seamlessly loopable compositions, some just drums some more complex involving bass lines and harmony in a variety of genres

we can be contacted through here or directly at: musik [ AT ] blazznet [ DOT ] com

all pictures courtesy of jojobob

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