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Individual Songs for your Project

In case you cannot find a suitable song for your project, please check out the individual music composition and customization plans on my website with individual music offers from $84 only.

Me and my work

My Name is Jan and I’m a passionate music producer based next to the wonderful Lake Constance, where the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland collide in a beautiful alpine landscape. But don’t let me get too corny by now.

My first record distributed on a major label was back in 2003. After that I started studio production for other artists and music composition for video artists and commercials. Today my portfolio covers a wide range from Pop/Rock to Electronic Music through to Cinematic & Classics. In 2012 I worked with a symphonic Orchestra for the first time – a great experience!

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VideoHive Authors welcome!

You are welcome to use my songs watermarked in your projects. I’m always happy to see the results and link your item in the description of the song you use or post it on my blog.

Questions or suggestions?

I try to answer all requests the same day.
Please use the item comments or Contact form on this site.


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